Eğitimlerimiz kuruluşların istek ve ihtiyaçlarına özel olarak hazırlanmaktadır. Örneğin bir plastik granül hammadde üreticisi ile bir bankaya verilen eğitim aynı başlığa da sahip olsa hem içerik olarak hem de kullanılan materyaller açısından farklılık göstermektedir. İlgilendiğiniz eğitimlerle ilgili bilgi almak için lütfen iletişime geçiniz.

Lean 6 Sigma Black Belt
Lean 6 Sigma is an effective methodology developed to solve operational problems in the production and service sector. A Black Belt is the project leader who has the wisdom to solve complex problems and coach Green Belts too.
Process Mining
A hands-on training developed to help organizations that want to simplify / mistake-proof their processes to focus on.
Lean 6 Sigma Green Belt
Lean 6 Sigma is an effective methodology developed to solve operational problems in the production and service sector. A Green Belt is the project leader who has the expert knowledge to solve complex problems.
Lean Financial Structure and Cost Reduction
Explanation of the lean approach in costing processes
Big Data Analysis with R and Python
In processes using big data, Artificial Intelligence analysis with R and Python languages
Robotic Process Automation (RPA)
Automation of manual work (copy-paste, emailing, data search, etc.) done on the computer with robotic software
TRIZ Problem Solving Methodology
Resolving a problem or constraint experienced in the business with creative and innovative techniques
Ind. 4.0 101 (Ind 4.0 Introduction)
Combining Industry 4.0 with daily production applications
8D Problem Solving Methodology
Systematic understanding of solving a problem by addressing it with real root causes and all its effects and consequences
Innovation techniques
Development of products / services not implemented by competitors in the market that will provide added value to the customer
Sustainable Process Management (Core Competencies, KPI, Critical Process Analysis
Providing the institutions to manage their top priority processes with the right metrics
8 Deadly Waste and Value Added Analysis
Explaining the deadly Lean wastes in business with examples
Lean Operation (Continuous Flow, Workforce (Shojinka) and Line Balancing (Heijunka), T-Ca
Explaining how a lean business works with examples.
Measurement Systems Analysis (MSA)
To analyze the results of measurement systems with correct, precise and sufficient resolution by statistical methods and to explain their improvement
Balanced Scorecard
Ensuring the correct structuring of strategy management from strategies to goals and business plans
Total Productive Maintenance (Including OEE and SMED)
Managing machine and maintenance efficiency for 0 breakdowns, minimum maintenance time, 0 quality errors, 0 work accidents.
Design of Experiments– DOE
Complete and Fractional Functional Experiment Designs, basic DOE
Quality Function Deployment (QFD)
Method of applying customer demands to the products/services and managing contradictions
VSM- Value Stream Mapping
Enabling organizations to draw the material / information flow and identify opportunities for improvement before starting Lean applications in their businesses
ABC - Real Cost Real Profitability
ABC (Activity Based Costing) method will be introduced.
Inventory and Inventory Management
Inventory management fundamentals, inventory types and calculation methods will be transferred to the participants, methodical steps and prioritization methods necessary for the establishment of the inventory management chart will be taught.
OEE - Increase Capacity Utilization With Overall Equipment Effectiveness
With this training, the concept of OEE, methods of calculation and interpretation and its applications in different sectors and fields will be discussed.
SMED - Quick Setup
Practical training to make processes such as model change / part change / mold change / truck loading / malfunction intervention / maintenance shorter and increase capacity utilization
5S - Workplace Layout-Visual Management-Standart Work
The concept of 5S will be introduced to the participants, steps and detailed contents for the implementation of methodical 5S in a field will be introduced.
FMEA / FMECA (Failure Modes and Effects and Criticality Analysis)
To make it possible for R&D centers, organizations that will produce new products/that will make changes in their processes to identify potential problems that may arise in advance with quantitative methods and take precautions.
Process Capability and Stability (Cp-Cpk and Control Charts) Analysis
Measuring the capacity of processes to meet customer demands
Decision Support with Hypothesis Testing
Practical teaching of methods to determine whether these groups come from different masses (eg, the effect of two different chemicals on paint adhesion is same or different) by statistical comparison between multiple grouped data.
SPC - Statistics Process Control
In order for institutions to manage their processes with a scientific approach, the process inputs and outputs are monitored with statistical methods and necessary corrections are made before the company suffers financial losses.
Understanding and Prediction with Data
Providing the institutions to analyze problem sources by using data
Enabling institutions to reveal their top priority processes and monitor them with the right metrics
VOC- Making customer expectations parametric
Enabling companies, enterprises, startups, R&D projects to know their customers, analyze their needs and take the right actions by practicing.
It is an effective methodology developed to solve operational problems in the production and service sector in a single session within 5-7 days.
Lean 6 Sigma Yellow Belt
Lean 6 Sigma is an effective methodology developed to solve operational problems in the production and service sector. A Yellow Belt is the project leader who has the knowledge to solve around 80% of the problems.